Online Fitness Training

Online Fitness Training

Wed, October 05, 2016


Online fitness training is exactly what it suggests. It's the ability of a client to sign-up to receive workouts, meal plans, supportive Skype calls and motivation from a trainer that could be anywhere in the world, and it's 100% online. There are loads of great benefits to the client in signing up for online training and I've listed some below:

* Works out cheaper than face-to-face personal training
* Makes you accountable
* Choose where & when you train
* Be part of a Private Facebook group (for clients ONLY)
* Get sent 8 weeks (2 x 4 weeks) worth of workouts, along with an instructional video (for technique purposes)
* Log your workout and your trainer can see exactly what you've done
* You can choose to train at home (HIIT workouts)
* .....or in a gym (personalized strength program)

Benefits to me:

* I get to impart my knowledge my knowledge to MORE people
* Work LESS physical hours in the gym

For more information about the available packages, or to sign up, click here