Why Use A Personal Trainer- A Clients Point Of View

Why Use A Personal Trainer- A Clients Point Of View

Wed, January 21, 2015

Why use a Personal Trainer? Is it one expense too far in the quest for your perfect body?
Let’s face it; it can be a pricey business trying to achieve your fitness goals. You may have to purchase a gym membership, new gym kit, particular training shoes, protein powders, supplements….the list goes on and on depending on the activity of choice of course. For those serious about those fitness goals, this spend is not an issue; just a small expense to enable them to crack on with something they love doing and which gives obvious and numerous health and body shaping benefits.
Or does it? Does all your hard work in the gym and in the kitchen pay off as quickly or as effectively as it can? Where do personal trainers fit into the mix, if at all?

Those are questions I have always asked myself (mainly after I had already talked myself out of going to the gym for the 4th time that week) as a person who has never had a personal trainer….until recently. I have always had a gym membership, have run out on the road for the past 15 years, been to numerous fitness weekends and thought my diet was pretty healthy. Oh, how I was wrong…about all of it. And I do not like being wrong!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I recently found myself with much more time on my hands so decided that to not only to keep myself busy but also to get some of those feel good endorphin's going that I would max out my gym membership and also drag Tony to come along and train me. On the premise of purely a PT and client type relationship. All personal emotions to stay at home (i.e. I don’t threaten to withhold all personal privileges when I don’t fancy a set of burpees, but let’s face it; no-one ever fancies a single burpee let alone a set) and we train like professionals. I am not hugely overweight, I am in pretty good nick for a woman of my age (29 before you ask….in my dreams) but some parts had dug out their passports and were heading south not only for winter but for the foreseeable future.

I have to say, having a PT has revoluntionalised my gym work outs. It appears my actual and realistic thoughts on what I was doing at the gym previously were spot on; basically fannying around with some weight machines, some cardio and a number of crunches then home for a fat dinner and a glass of wine…..well deserved because I had been to the gym of course. I actually have structure to each session based on what I am trying to achieve. Each session lasts anywhere between 45 and 60 minutes - a short warm-up then straight onto working on those goals. My goal is fat loss and to gain strength and my trainer has a different work-out planned for me on each session. I am being introduced to new exercises I would never have dreamt of trying and am pushed to my limits on each Deadlift, Back Squat and weighted walking lunge. Those types of exercises are not ones I would have felt that comfortable doing on my own. I often felt quite self conscious at the gym, pretty unsure of what I was doing and why I was doing it. What is the benefit of metabolic training, Why bother with HIIT (especially because it looks like hard work), how to I go about lifting a 40kg shoulder press? A PT will already have this under control.

Mixed gyms have a great way of making you feel insecure because it is all about the body, all about what you look like, how much you can work, whether or not you can get on a BOSU without slipping and landing on your arse etc. I compared myself to others constantly and can felt intimidated by those that are shaped like Johnny Bravo. Not their fault, all my own insecurities. I never feel insecure with a trainer. I feel powerful and strong and mostly surprised. Surprised by myself and how far I can push myself. That yes, I really can go another 30 seconds or lift 5kg heavier and the positive encouragement I would never have given myself to even try for fear of looking like a dick or worse, doing some damage. I have, in a short space of time, finally seen the kind of changes in my body that I was beginning to believe would never come.

Fitness techniques, theories and scientific evidence moves along at a fair pace and it is crucial to keep up with these changes and that is the job of a decent PT to educate themselves (through their own expense on courses, working practice etc) and share that knowledge with their clients. This type of learning costs thousands of pounds each year, but this is all part of the service. This also comes in the form of nutrition advice too. It is all well and good me breaking my balls (so to speak) in the gym, but my real body changes start in the kitchen. I am eating better than before, I know what to eat before a work out and after and have a food plan that means I have no blood sugar spikes, definitely no crashes and no cravings for over processed and sugary foods. I am sleeping better, I have lost the bloat and my skin, hair and nails are the best they have ever been.

Yes, having a personal trainer could be seen as a luxury and there is no denying that they do not come cheap, however from experience; they are worth their weight in sweaty gold.

Semi-Private Training, & Small Group Training sessions are available at Markefitness. These types of sessions are designed to be more cost effective for the client.

Written by Victoria Hamilton-Marke for Markefitness Personal Training

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