That Awful Moment….

That Awful Moment….

Mon, April 10, 2017

That moment….you know the one! I had it yesterday for the first time ever in over 40 years…..and it wasn’t good.

The sun was shining and the shorts had to come out. Last year, due to our house move, all my shorts, bar one pair, where in a box ‘somewhere’, and because we didn’t have a summer holiday last year, I wore the same pair of shorts for the whole of last summer (they did get washed before you say anything).

So up in the loft I go yesterday and pull out a different pair of shorts, a pair I hadn’t worn for 2 years.

On they went, and for the first time in 40 something years I was horrified. I just managed to do the top button up but they were snug, like, really snug!

For me, this is my motivation to sort myself out. I hadn’t realised (accepted) the fact that I’d been putting a little bit of extra winter weight on….and now it’s finally time to get back into some kind of reasonable shape.


I’m going to be offering a 4 week online training service for anyone that wants to join me in losing a few pounds.

I will post all my meals, all my training & everything I do for the next 4 weeks (starting from Tuesday 18th April) and you can join me.

Everything I do will be on a closed & private Facebook group (and a What’s App group) so only the people that have signed up will be able to see the information.

I’ll take you through my training, my meals, my sleep, my supplements and my state-of-mind. I’ll be taking before & after pictures, weighing myself, getting body fat measured & taking a waist circumference.

This will be a ‘behind the scenes’ experience of literally everything a PT does to get in shape.

Due to the fact that I only want DEDICATED & 100% COMMITTED people following and implementing my advice and actions, I will only be opening this opportunity up to 10 people. That way, I can give those committed more personalised help and advice.

If you would like GUARANTEED WEIGHT LOSS RESULTS IN THE NEXT 4 WEEKS, sign up today for only £99 for a behind the scenes, no holds barred look at how a PT gets into shape.

If you’re interested in joining me, let me know and we’ll have a chat. I can then decide if you’re a good fit for the program as I only want committed, dedicated people on board.

Be quick as the program starts next Tuesday 18th April whether you’re on board or not.