Hayley Wade

Mines more about my mind-set

I hate that saying "my journey" probably only because mine is not one of those plain sailing, results based "Journeys"

Mines more about my mind set. I've struggled all my 46 years of putting more and more weight on.

What Tony is teaching me is to control those moments when I seem to lose all control and limit the damage, then getting back on it as soon as I can, which I never ever managed to do in the past.

I now have a different outlook on my goals and take each day as it comes

As for the training sessions with Tony I can only say that they are individually written for your ability, he pushes you to achieve things you've never dreamt of, he encourages me to never give up.

Tony has recently researched a medical condition I have been going through and is helping me understand it without using prescription medication.

"Don't bother turning up unless you are prepared to give 100%. No half measures!!! "

- Hayley Wade