Kris Hollands

Fat loss & increasing my strength

I originally started training with Tony 12 weeks before a holiday to Jamaica. I didn’t like the thought of being on a beach without my top on and needed to urgently get into shape!

I went from a waist 34" to a 30"

I started out with a 19.5% body fat and a few days before my holiday was down to 12.1% body fat and from a 34” waist to 30” waist. I couldn’t have been happier with the results and couldn’t believe how quickly you can change if you train hard and stick to eating clean. I felt more confident on my holiday which allowed me to relax and enjoy myself.
I am now training with Tony with the goal to increase my strength and composition. Following Tony’s personal programs I have noticed my strength increase week on week.

"I had been attending bootcamp sessions where Tony was one of the trainers. I enjoyed his sessions, felt motivated and liked his enthusiastic approach. Tony was approachable after the sessions and welcomed questions and happily gave advice. Tony can always answer in depth any question whether its about nutrition, general health and lifestyle, or the workouts your doing and the reasoning behind it. "

- Kris Hollands