Pat de Reyes

I was very overweight [size 24], unfit, tired.....

I started training with Tony in January 2014 and it's no exaggeration to say he has changed my life.

When I first met Tony I was very overweight [size 24], unfit, tired, lazy, totally ignorant about nutrition, and on 3 different blood pressure medications. 15 months later I am a curvy size 14, fitter than I've ever been in my life, strong, energetic, and on reduced medication.

.....and now I'm entering Strongwomen Competitions!

Tony tailored a training program to suit my ability [or lack of it in the early days] and has changed it accordingly as the weeks and months have passed and I have grown fitter, stronger and leaner. He knows how to get the best from me, always motivating me to do more or lift heavier than I would ever have thought possible, always making me believe I can do it.

In Sept 2015 I entered my first Strongwomen competition at BullDogs Gym, East Grinstead. In October 2015 I entered my second competition at PTS, Northampton.

I can't believe I've gone from a fat old frump to a fit, healthy, strong women who loves strongwomen lifting.

"I'm profoundly grateful that I took a friends advice which led me to Tony. If you are looking for a trainer I recommend Tony 100% - you won't be disappointed."

- Pat de Reyes