Shanon Parlour

Tony used to manage the corporate gym at my work and I regularly enjoyed his spinning, circuits & Boxercise classes so when I saw him advertising a FREE Fat Loss Strategy session earlier this year I thought I would pop along. Although my measurements were not horrendous they were still higher than expected. I thought I ate healthily as I would generally survive on juices through the day then have a healthy meal at night. Tony has spent a lot of time with me talking about my nutrition, I often drop him emails and texts with random questions and he always comes back with help and advice. He has a great network of clients and uses social media to link us all together to share recipes, training tips and advice so every week you seem to pick up another nugget of information. I now have a new love for food and cooking and regularly cook meals for my family knowing that they are healthy and nutritious.

I had some extra pounds to lose....

I signed up to his 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge. The Facebook page support group was great with everyone posting pictures of their meals and asking each other and Tony questions. I lost 6 cm’s off my waist which was my problem area. Tony had also given me advise on exercise and encouraged me to reduce my running and to do more weights which I did and found that I really enjoyed it.
I decided to set up some PT sessions with Tony. I couldn’t quite afford 1:1 sessions so Tony paired my up with another girl with similar goals to me so we could split the costs. I have been training with him for 3-4 months now and have thoroughly enjoyed each session. I have also attended a few of Tony’s MST/Fat Loss bootcamps. They are tough but great fun with a great group of people.

"I would highly recommend Tony to anyone. He provides the whole package advise on exercise and also your nutritional goals. You can tell he really loves his job and is passionate about getting his clients to achieve their goals. He doesn’t lecture, he is realistic that we all have different goals and lifestyles to fit around and manage. "

- Shanon Parlour