Wayne Schofield

Lose the beer belly, improve my fitness......

After giving up smoking I noticed I was starting to put weight on. I saw the good results my wife (Ali) got while training with Tony so signed up to have my BioSignature Assessment and start PT.

Basically, I wanted to lose the beer belly, improve my strength & gain muscle.

I was shocked at how high my body fat was

With Tony's recommendations I cleaned up my diet and cut out drinking in the week. In less than 5 months I have lost 7kg in weight and dropped almost 8% body fat. I also started going to the MST sessions which Tony runs on a Tuesday night & I also went along to his MST/Fat Loss Bootcamps. I honestly believe the combination of personal training and the MST sessions is why I have dropped so much body fat in such a short amount of time.

I am absolutely amazed at how quick my body has changed. I love training too and my goal now is to build muscle.

"In May 2015 I was measured at 25.7% body fat and now, in Oct 2015 I measure 17.9%.
I've also gone from 70kg to 63kg body weight and I feel & look much better."

- Wayne Schofield